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by Petstreampublished on August 20, 2020

ABOUT THE PUPPIES Welcome Litter J, the Vampire Slayer litter! On August 18th, Minira gave birth to three pups: Buffy (sesame female, pink collar), Willow (black and tan female, lavender collar), and Xander (black and tan male, seafoam collar).

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RULES Offensive messages will result in instant ban. Questions and suggestions are welcome, but direct attacks about how we raise our pups will also result in a ban. We do not discuss or debate rules in chat and all bans are final. Do not ask to be a mod.


Q: Are these puppies for sale? A: No, we have a long waiting list and homes already lined up for them.

Q: How long will the stream run? A: Puppies will go to their new homes at 9 weeks old, around October 20th.

Q: Where is this located? A: At a private residence in Southern California.

Q: Where is the mother? A: When she is not on camera, she is lying just outside the whelping box keeping an eye on her pups.

Q: Where is the father? A: He lives with us but will not be on stream until the puppies are old enough to meet other dogs.

Q: What color are the parents? A: Both parents are sesame.

Q: What do the puppies sleep on? A: The puppies’ bed is deep pile veterinary fleece and an absorbent whelping pad on top of a 1″ thick foam pad.

Q: What is the grass for? Why is there no camera on it? A: That is the potty area for the puppies.

Q: Why is the mother wearing a sweater? A: To prevent puppies from nursing and complete the weaning process.

MORE INFORMATION http://www.kaijukennels.com/

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