Central Park Live!

by Petstreampublished on January 16, 2021

Welcome to Central Park Live, exclusively on PetStream!

This live stream is broadcast from a camera facing southwest, towards Central Park South. The camera is positioned to capture amazing sunrise and sunsets, along with the changing seasonal colors of New York City’s most popular destination.

Starting from the very left side of the frame is the famous Plaza Hotel with 9 West 57th Street (the tall black building) behind it.

The 5 super tall buildings, called Billionaire’s row, from left to right are:

1.       53 West 53rd Street

2.       111 West 57th (The very tall skinny one)

3.       One 57

4.       Central Park Tower (The tallest)

5.       220 Central Park South

Further to the right is the AOL Time Warner Center. From there you are seeing Central Park West up to the famous two-tower building, The San Remo.

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